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How you can help your child at home; Please read the topic books with your child at home and talk about the topics. Check the board outside Nursery for more information about our topics, books and activities, which we update regularly. Science Week and Language Alive to be arranged.

Thank you, Miss Taylor.

Autumn 1 2016

Autumn 2 2016

Spring 1 2017

Spring 2  2017

Summer 1   2017

Summer 2  2017

All about me

(My body)

Elmer &Wilbur

All kinds of people

(Dinosaur Day)

Animals and Zoo/Jungle

Handa’s Surprise.

It’s Fun to Eat Fruit


Traditional Tales/Journeys

Tiger who came to Tea

 Red Riding Hood

Bear Hunt

Nursery rhymes and songs: Some Dogs Do (Rhymes)

Night time/

Space week


Growing and Changing; Caterpillars/



Changes; Food/Cooking

Getting ready for Reception/ Going on holiday/Summer & outdoors.

Talk for Writing Text (TFW) Nursery Rhymes


Dear Zoo

TFW: Red Riding Hood

TFW: Some Dogs Do

TFW; The Hungry Caterpillar

TFW: The Enormous Turnip

Pre number skills; Counting

Rhymes; 5 little ducks/speckled frogs/ 5 currant buns.

More songs /rhymes



Red Riding Hood

Drama in the hall.


Poems, Songs and Rhymes.


Whatever Next!

Planting bedding flowers and veg.

Nurturing real caterpillars

Summer Fair

Sports day

Language Alive!

Beach party. Bouncy castle.

 Foundation Fun days

Lola the Leopard

General sound discrimination – environmental sounds

General sound discrimination – instrumental sounds

General sound discrimination – body percussion

Alliteration (Initial sounds) …

…Alliteration (Initial sounds)

& Voice sounds…

Rhythm and rhyme

(rhyme strings)


Target children parent workshops (writing)

Oral blending and segmenting (CVC words);

Learning the alphabet.

Parent Consultations

Stay and play. Settling in, Family groups, rules, routine, safely, snack-time weeks 1-4.

Lola listening activities.

“Good sitting, good looking, good listening”

Animal Encounters Visit    

Christmas Songs to Parents/  Eid

Start Barriers to Learning Groups

Start Write Dance

Make fruit salad

Reading Room sessions

Parents’ workshop for Making Salt dough alphabet (initial sounds)

Teddy biscuits


PE in the hall


Parents’ Consultations and reading and maths activity.

Rocket biscuits


Nature Centre Visit


Parents’ Sessions; name writing and pencil control

Parents’ workshop;  Cooking activities; Pizza/chapatti/ biscuits

Home corner, Baby Clinic, Doctors.

Fire fighters/Police

Vets/Number Zoo/Pet Shop/


Grandma’s Kitchen &

3 Bears’ Cottage

Space Station/

Fire fighters.


Flower Shop/Garden Centre/ Garage

Cafe/ Cooking Area/Pizza Parlour

Reception Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6