Nursery Autumn 1 Overview.


Nursery rules, rewards, routines and boundaries.

Family groups. Talking about home and family. Feelings.

Communication and language

Lola the leopard (listening activities)

Circle time in family groups. Talking during play


Number songs- Incy wincy spider, finger family, 5 little ducks, 5 currant buns, 5 specked frogs.

Building and construction, playing with shapes. Jigsaw puzzles

Understanding the World;

Autumn; leaves, colours, discovery area for exploring nature. Collecting conkers and acorns. See our corridor display.

ICT- “monkeys ducks and frogs” program. Using the digital camera and torches.

Small world- dinosaurs, farm, zoo, garage, fire-fighters

Literacy; Story time and mark making

Story time every day; Elmer, books about families and homes, Funnybones etc

Write dance (mark making to music); acorns falling making wavy and wiggly lines.

Physical Development

Playing safely on outdoor equipment, toileting independently, putting on coats, wellies etc. Pouring own drink for snack time.

Sniping with scissors. Puzzles.

Expressive and creative development

Role play- home corner and grocery shop.

Songs- Miss Polly had a dolly, row your boat, Incy wincy spider, finger family…….

Media and materials- using card, paper, paint, chalk, glue, glitter etc independently.


  1.  “All About Me” project.  
  2. Collecting signs of autumn (leaves, acorns, conkers, fir cones etc).
  3.  Reading your library book.
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