Year 2

During spring term, we are practising our new Reciprocal Reading scheme in class, while Literacy is continuing with the 'Talk4Writing' approach to explore a range of books by the same author, Julia Donaldson.

Numeracy focus is multiplication, division and measurement using the Singapore Maths approach, along with weekly skills checks and Quick Maths.

We will be learning about 'All Living Things' in our Science lessons. This will cover things such as Identifying living things, what living things need to stay alive, food chains and habitats.

Our Creative Curriculum title is: 'Why Don't Meerkats Live in the North Pole?' This will include learning skills such as identifying continents, oceans and countries using maps and globes, researching different areas of the world, creating pieces of art to reflect these different areas, using ICT programmes to create digital images, and to write in a non-fiction style using headings.

PE will be linked to science and life cycles through dance, along with a multi-skills championship visit to Moseley School!

Lots of fun learning ahead!

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