Year 6



In Year 6, this term, we shall be focusing on our topic- the Victorians. We shall kick-start this topic with a fantastic, fun-filled day at the Black Country Museum, where the children will be learning and experiencing life in Victorian Birmingham.  They will especially get to experience a real life-role play in a Victorian school to truly understand what it felt like to be a terrified school child at that time.

As a follow-up to this day, we shall be writing a persuasive leaflet for the museum using Talk for Writing. Also, in keeping with the topic, the children will be learning about William Morris, an artist from the period who designed repeat patterns inspired by nature.

In maths, the children shall be continuing to develop a secure understanding of calculation including finding percentages of amounts; adding and subtracting fractions; and long multiplication and division. Furthermore, they shall be trying to develop mastery in the subject by explaining the reasons behind the calculations they are doing and applying the skills to solve problems.

In reading, Y6 will continue to use the reciprocal reading approach to discuss and reflect on a text using the six selected skills. We shall also be practising lots of compression activities to improve our inference skills.

As a year group, we are keen to stay positive and work hard to improve all of our skills and be good role-models for the other children at our school.

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