We believe that the curriculum is the whole learning experience in which children, carers, staff and the community are all involved. The Early Years curriculum, or the Foundation Stage, lasts two years, so that there is continuity in the Reception class. It is divided into seven areas of learning – personal, social and emotional development, mathematical, communication, language and literacy, physical, creative and knowledge and understanding of the world. This latter area encompasses the subjects of history, geography, ICT, design technology and RE.

Throughout the Foundation Stage, the emphasis is on learning through play. Independent learning is constantly encouraged, as is co-operation and consideration for others. Recording your child’s progress takes place on a daily basis and these records are available to share with you. They will be passed on to your child’s next school, once they have left the Unit, as records of their achievement.

The nursery environment, indoors and outside, is carefully planned so a balance of activities is available. Your child will be involved in a wide range of activities with opportunities for structured and free play. All our activities are based on sound educational practice.