During the Spring and Summer terms, RE will continue to be taught discretely to each year group for at least 1 hour per week. This also links to many PSHE subjects. the main characteristics that are covered are:

Y1- Being fair, courageous and showing commitment.

Y2- Being a compassionate member of the community.

Y3- Contemplating, making choices and being committed.

Y4- Being a compassionate member of the community, and making correct choices.

Y5- Being able to contemplate my choices and show empathy.

Y6- Being committed, while showing contemplation and compassion.


Learning about Easter is compulsory, and it is taught to every year group at their own level. As part of the school's commitment to promoting a tolerant and multi-faith society, Y1 visit the Gurdawara,Y3 visit the Birmingham Cathedral, Y4 visit the Mandir, Y5 visit the Buddhist Centre and Y6 visit the mosque.