Nursery Autumn 2 Overview.

PSED; (personal social and emotional development)

Nursery rules, rewards, routines and boundaries. Sharing and taking turns. Independence at registration cards and snack time. Family group times. Talking about home and family. Celebrations (Christmas, Eid)

Communication and Language

Lola the leopard (listening activities)

Circle time in family groups. Talking during play.

Talk for writing; Dear Zoo.


Numicon tiles. Number zoo. Animal Sizes (big , small, huge, tiny). Sorting objects by size or colour. Animal patterns. Building and construction, talking about shapes. Jigsaw puzzles

Understanding the World;

ICT- “Boardworks All Day To Play” programs. Using the digital camera and torches.

Small world- zoo animals and non- fiction books. Dear Zoo and Number zoo activities.

Animal habitats and care. Planting bulbs outdoors.

Literacy; reading and writing

Story time every day; Dear Zoo. Hanna’s Surprise. The Tiger who came to tea. Tiger child.

Write dance; mark making to music. (Straight and wavy lines, arches, circles, zig zags, clouds, meandering and squiggly lines.) Writing a letter to the zoo.

Phonics- Listening to sounds in the environment.

Physical Development

Playing safely on outdoor equipment, toileting independently, putting on coats, wellies etc. Pouring own drink for snack time. Action songs based on animal movements and sounds. Snipping with scissors. Puzzles. Making animal homes.

Expressive and creative development

Role play; home corner and baby care. Animal rescue centre. Painting animal patters, stripes, spots etc.

Songs- Tiger tiger, Animal boogie, animal songs and rhymes. Making stormy music.

Media and materials- using card, paper, paint, chalk, glue, glitter independently.


1. Homework Lucky Dip         2. Poems and rhymes to sing at home

3. Reading your library book. (Please purchase a school book-bag.)

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