Nursery Summer 2 Overview.

Topic; Growing and changing

PSED; (personal, social and emotional development;)

 P.A.N.T.S; (relationships and growing up) We will be learning the NSPCC “Pantosaurus Song”

How are families the same? How are they different? What do we do as members of a family?

How do we keep ourselves clean and healthy?


Communication and Language;

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Talk for Writing

Talking in longer sentences. Retelling stories. Talking about personal events. Expressing interests and likes.


Physical Development;

How to hold and use a pencil

Trying different ways of moving, including travelling, balancing, climbing, jumping, landing


Numicon tiles. Shape and Position. Recognising numerals 25. Counting to 25. Measuring length. Using money in the shop.

Understanding the World;

We are hatching our own caterpillars! Looking after the caterpillars and butterflies in our hatching habitat and releasing them into the wild.

We are celebrating all things French in French Week; Making French Bread pizza and having a French tea party.

Looking after the garden

Setting up an airport role -play area.


Literacy; reading and writing

Write dance; mark making to music.

Pencil grip and name writing.

Phonics-. Sounding out CVC words (cat, dog, man, fish…)


Expressive and creative development

Role- play; Construction site small world.  Dollies care and bathing.

Media and materials- making model, collage, butterfly puppets/ kites etc; choosing and using tools independently and safely.


Parental Involvement.

Come along to our Spoon Puppet Workshop.

Visit your new Reception Classes. (4th July)



 1. Homework Lucky Dip       

 2. Poems and rhymes to sing at home

3. Reading your library book. (Please purchase a school book-bag)



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