Nursery Summer 1 Overview.

PSED; (personal social and emotional development;

 Families and Friends; We will be reading “Dogger” and “The Rainbow Fish”

How are families the same? How are they different? What do we do as members of a family?

We will also talk about our special toys, and about how it feels to lose a favourite toy.

We will have our very own “Bring a Bear to School Day” and we will be making our own pizza for a Teddy Bears’ Picnic.

The Rainbow Fish teaches us about how to be a friend. Do you know how to be a friend?

Communication and Language;

Talking in longer sentences. Retelling stories. Talking about personal events. Expressing interests and likes.

Physical Development; (up in the hall)

Trying different ways of moving, including travelling, balancing, climbing, jumping, landing


Numicon tiles. Shape and Position. Recognising numerals 1-15. Counting to 20.Measuring. Using money in the shop.

Understanding the World;

ICT- “Boardworks All Day To Play” programs.

Planting spring bulbs outdoors. Gardening project.

Making pizza. Exploring water (freezing, melting, heating, water in the garden)

Nature Centre Trip

Literacy; Reading and Writing

Write dance; mark making to music.

Pencil grip and name writing.

Phonics- Jolly Phonics alphabet songs.

Rhtyhm and rhyme Books- “The Underground Dance.” Can you follow a beat and read a story with rhythm?

Expressive and creative development

Role play; Construction site small world.  

Media and materials- making rocket models; choosing and using independently and safely.

Parental Involvement.

Reading and Name writing workshops will be available.

We will also need volunteers to support children on our visit to the Nature Centre.


1. Homework Lucky Dip         

2. Poems and rhymes to sing at home

3. Reading your library book. (Please purchase a school book-bag)

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