Year 6



In the first half of Spring Term, Year 6 will be studying Evolution and Inheritance. We will be learning about the variation between species and between parents and offspring, as well as the difference between a living thing’s habitat and the environment in which they live. In P.E, we will be continuing to improve our fitness with aerobic activities and circuit training. In Topic, we will be studying the Victorian Era and we will be going on a trip to the Black Country Museum to learn all about life under the rule of Queen Victoria, in particular how schools compared to our schools today. Some children will also be lucky enough to visit a business in Birmingham City Centre as part of our Enabling Enterprise work!

In the second half of Spring Term we will be learning about the Mayan civilisation and making comparisons between their life and ours today. We will also be using the Mayans to complete pieces of writing for English too. Our Science topic will be Electricity where we will build on skills learnt in Year 4 to understand the dangers of electricity and also how circuits work to enable electricity to flow through it. We will also be completing lots of revision ready for the SATs tests in the Summer Term.

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