Year 6


Information on Enabling Enterprise


Year 6 Autum Term 2017 

In the first half of Autumn Term, Year 6 will be studying Animals including humans. We will be learning about the circulatory system and the function of the different organs as well as carrying out some practical activities. We will also look at the importance of keeping our body healthy and active, linking to our P.E unit where we will be learning Tennis skills and building up to playing small games. In Topic lessons, we will be studying Crime and Punishment from Roman Britain up to the modern day.
In the second half of Autumn Term we will be continuing to learn about Crime and Punishment, using our Art and Music skills to create and compose different pieces related to this unit. Our Science topic will be Animals and Living Things, where we will learn how to classify different animals and use classification keys accurately to learn more about them. In this half term, we will also have a visit from the Young Shakespeare Company and attend a challenge day with Enabling Enterprise!

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