I am concerned about my child’s progress

We hold regular termly meetings with parents during the day so that you can find out how your child is doing in school.

However, if you have concerns about your child’s progress you can talk to your child’s teacher or Miss Adolphe.

Mrs Adolphe works Monday, Tuesday and Wedneday in school. Sometimes she may be busy or she might not be in the building so you can do the following:

  • Ring the office to find out when she may be available.
  • Make an appointment to see her or ask if she can telephone you.
  • You can also email her on l.adolphe@yorkmead.bham.sch.uk

If your child has been identified with extra educational needs, an Individual Target Plan will be written with the teacher and shared with you and your child. If your child has emotional or behavioural needs only, an Individual Behaviour Plan will be written with the teacher and shared with you and your child.  If your child reacts to situations in an emotional way, suggestions to help calm your child will be included. If your child has medical needs, a plan will be written and shared with you.

All staff have access to a copy of these plans in the classroom.  The plans identify how your child should be helped to succeed and make progress. All of these plans will be reviewed on a regular basis. If your child were to move schools,  Mrs Adolphe will contact the SENCO of the new school. This will allow her to share all necessary information and supply them with a current plan.

We will make all the information we need to share with you clear and easy to understand.

You can read our Inclusion Policy if you click here (link to Inclusion Policy).  The policy explains how we identify and assess children who we think might have special educational needs.

If you prefer information on paper, please ask for a copy of our Special Educational Needs leaflet. 

Mrs. Hussain is a member of our governing body and is responsible for special educational needs.

Yorkmead works with a lot of external agencies to help identify specific needs.  These are:

  • Pupil and School Support
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • City of Birmingham School – emotional and behavioural needs
  • Communication and Autism Team
  • Educational Psychologist

If your child requires support from these services, school will always consult you and request written permission.

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