Teaching and learning

All school staff will receive appropriate training so they have the knowledge and confidence to support children’s needs.

At Yorkmead we hold a weekly staff meeting. These are used to ensure staff have up-to-date knowledge to teach children of all abilities.  Sometimes training is run by specialists e.g. Epipen training or training by a member of the Communication and Autism Team.

Mrs Yeomans is available for staff to come and ask for advice about teaching approaches and resources for children with additional needs.

Teaching and support staff will be able to accurately assess the level children are working at and differentiate the curriculum.

We use a range of criteria and evidence to help us identify the level children are working at.  This might include:

  • Checking the words children can read and spell independently
  • Moderating writing together.
  • Making observations.
  • Use of tests, where appropriate.

This helps teachers to plan work for all children to make progress.  The work and support will be different for different groups of children. 

We use the following to support children with additional needs to become independent learners:

  • Interventions
  • One to one or group support
  • Learning mentors
  • Adapted tasks and resources

The school will provide support for children if they need support with managing their own behaviour and/or to build up skills and confidence in dealing with social situations.

We run social skills groups across the school to support children who can find social situations difficult.

We have a set of sanctions and rewards, as set out in our Behaviour Policy to encourage children to make the right choices.  This is consistent cross the school.

Click here to read the Behaviour Policy.

SEND & Inclusion Policy

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Miss Wright and Mr. Reid are our Learning Mentors.  They work with pupils to support their emotional, health and well-being.


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