Whistle Blowing and serious misconduct policy

Mobile Phone policy

Curriculum Policies

 Creative Curriculum 6 Year Plan


 Homework policy

Curriculum Math policies

Calculation Policy

Mathematics Policy

Curriculum English policies

English and Literacy Policy

Writing Policy

Reading Policy

Handwriting Policy

RE Policies

Collective Worship Policy

PSHE policy

RE Policy

Other Policies

 Attendance Policy

 Misuse of substances Policy 

 Behaviour Policy (Draft)

 Anti-Bullying Policy (Under Review)

 Charging and remissions Policy (Under Review)

 Computer Internet Email Acceptable Use Policy.Pupils

 Data Protection Policy

 Safeguarding Policy

Esafety Policy 

  Data Summary

 Inclusion Policy (SEN)

 Photograph acceptable use policy consent form (Covers publishing photographs on our school website)

 Asthma Policy

 Complaints procedure

 Code of Conduct (Awaiting ratification)